Canned Beverages

• Hard Seltzer •Spiked Spritzers • Premixed / Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Cocktails • Mixers • Hard Cider • Hard Kombucha • Sake. Enter online through the Data Still

Canned Wine

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The 2022 Canned Challenge is now accepting beverages in these categories:
•Hard Seltzer •Spritzers •Premixed Cocktails •Wine •Sake •Hard Cider • Kombucha • Packaging Design
The 2022 Canned Challenge (CC) is organized by Wine Country Network, Inc, the publishers of Wine Country International® magazine, and the organizers of six world-famous beverage competitions.

Tasting Competition:
We are now organizing a prestigious panel of industry professionals consisting of Master Sommeliers, Directors, Journalists, and Retailers Buyers. Our goal is to create a well-rounded panel of experts that will taste the products “double-blind” and achieve the fairest scoring results possible. For our popular categories, we may separate spirits into different price points to maintain an even playing field.

Packaging and Design Competition:
Packaging and design is a crucial aspects of marketing and product positioning in the ever-crowded world of adult beverages. Many producers make enormous financial and time investments in trying to develop the perfect design.

The 2022 Canned Challenge will offer a separate packaging and design contest that will be judged by Art Directors, Designers, Marketers, and Retailers.

Awards Process:
Medal-winning spirits will be posted on this website within 72 hours of the competition. Posted winners will remain listed in the results section of this website under the year that their products won a medal. Wine Country Network conducts an aggressive publicity campaign generating valuable media exposure for all winners.

Product Categories List:
Click here for our full list of product categories


Entry Period: May 15, 2022, to October 14, 2022
Online Entry Deadline: October 14, 2022
Sample Product Deadline: October 17, 2022
All products must be received at our Denver location before October 17, 2022
Competition Dates: October 22-23, 2022
Location: Denver, Colorado, and conducted nationally with highly respected beverage professionals.

Entry Fee:
$225 per entry

For wines (only)
Entry Fee: $110 per entry

Sample Product Required:

•Tasting Contest
Please supply 8-12 OZ cans (or the equivalent of 96 ounces).

•Packaging and Design Contest
Please supply 1 can for Individual Packaging and Design, or 1 Can Each for Your Canned Series Entry.

Please call Tel. (303) 665-0855 or email the Competition Director.